Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How many cars does a driveway accommodate?

A. All driveways accommodate at least two vehicles.  Additional spaces may be available for the occasional overnight guest/s.  Vehicles should not be left on roadways overnight.

Q. Is there a clubhouse or swimming pool?

A. There is no clubhouse or pool.  There is a beautiful, green, public gathering area, resembling a picnic area, made available for special events.

Q. Who maintains the property?

A. All common areas, roadways and utilities are maintained by the Bon Acre Management.  Individual lot (house) maintenance (lawns, shrubs, walkways, staircases, driveways) is the responsibility of the resident owner/s.  There are residents who do part-time work and can be hired for such jobs if needed.

Q. Are grandchildren allowed to visit?

A. Absolutely! Children are allowed in the park but, please, not as long term residents.

Q. Are overnight guests allowed?

A. Yes.  The office must be advised and approval granted for any visitor staying longer than one week.

Q. What type of heat is used in these homes?

A. All new homes sold in this park heat with propane gas.

Q. How are taxes paid?

A. School and property taxes are billed to the individual residents and included in the lot rent. Those that qualify for NYS STAR tax reduction may pay less (or zero) school tax.  Taxes are based on the assessed value of the mobile home and an even share of the land.

Q. What is the average lot size?

A. The average lot size is 50’ wide x 200’ deep or one quarter acre.

Q. How long has this community been in existence?

A. This community was established in the early 1960s and has grown to what we have today. It converted to an over 55 community in 2014.

Q. Can I rent a home in Bon Acre?

A. No.  All residents purchase their homes and lease their lots.

Q. Other than lot rent, what are the expenses?

A. Water is included in the lot rent along with a monthly charge for trash removal.  It is the resident’s responsibility to keep his lawn mowed and driveway clear of snow.  There are neighbors who can be hired to do these tasks.

Q. What is the price of the homes?

A. The price range begins around $30,000 for a single-wide built in the 90s.  New double-wides are around $90,000.  Only the first time buyer of a home pays sales tax. Pre-owned homes are not taxed.  Information is available about where to obtain financing.  There are no closing costs, no lawyer is necessary, and closings are held here in the park office for your convenience.

Q. Can residents sell their own homes when they move?

A. Yes.  However, the potential buyer must apply to the park owner to become a resident PRIOR to closing on the home.  Ownership of the home does NOT include the right to live in the community.

Q. Are pets allowed?

A. At the management’s discretion.

Q. Can I build a carport?

A. All construction must be pre-approved by the park owner and residents must apply for Colonie building permits.  Carports may be attached wherever lot size makes their location practical and attractive.  Inspections are routinely run by the Sandlake Building Department and code violators will be required to remove any structure that does not comply with the code restrictions.